Loch Lomond Original Single Malt Whisky

Loch Lomond Original Single Malt Whisky

SKU: WH-01-071

Their Loch Lomond release titled Original is a fantastic example of what they can do with their malt. The nose opens with herbs and floral flavours that are surrounded by a wonderfully subtle smoky aroma. The peated is earthy, with lots of grass and heather notes coming out of it. It is deep yet not overwhelming. Underneath the peat is a delicate sweetness of burnt caramel and toasted wood.

The palette has a more malted note to it, with lots of cereal grains coming through. There is a warmth to this malted flavour, partly added to from the smoke. There is also a hint of sweet nuts such as hazelnuts that add a lovely smooth texture to the whole thing. The finish is strong, with the sweetness coming through as thick, dark caramel and treacle. The grains of the malt go perfectly with this flavour.


Sold as a single 750ml bottle.

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